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إعلان اسفل الهيدر

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إعلان اعلي المقال

Today’s match between Al Hilal and Al Riyadh is what is currently being intensely discussed by many, as the Riyadh team will be a guest of its counterpart, Al Hilal, in the sixth round of the Saudi Roshan League Championship for the current season 2023-2024, which will be hosted by Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium, and in this In the article, we will present to you a comprehensive guide to the match between the two teams today.

Al Hilal Saudi Team

Al-Zaeem enters today's match strongly in order to win and nothing but victory, as Al-Hilal occupies the top of the Saudi League table before the start of the sixth round competitions with 13 points. Salem Al-Dosari's teammates have played 5 matches so far, with 4 victories and one draw.

The date of the Al Hilal match against Al Riyadh in the Saudi Roshan League

Our date for the match between Al Hilal and Riyadh comes today, Friday, September 15, 2023, and the whistle for the start of the match will sound at nine o’clock in the evening according to the time of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq, Egypt and Kuwait, while at exactly ten o’clock in the evening according to the time of the Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman, but at exactly Seven o'clock in the evening according to the time of Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, that is, exactly eight o'clock in the evening according to the time of Sudan and Libya.

Channels broadcasting the Al Hilal and Riyadh match today

On the other hand, the Riyadh team currently comes in fifteenth place in the Saudi Roshan League standings, with 4 points in its balance, as the Riyadh team has played 5 matches so far in the league competitions, achieving one win and one draw, but it suffered the bitterness of defeat in 3 matches, and entered a match. Today is a very difficult day, looking to come out with the least damage and losses, especially since the match is at Al Hilal Stadium and in front of an audience with all the Al-Zaeem stars, so the Riyadh team will try to come out with a draw point, which will be very valuable and satisfying.

You can watch the match between Al Hilal and Riyadh today live on the SSC Sports HD1 channel.

إعلان اسفل المقال

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