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Many fans are looking forward to the Juventus match against Udinese, which is one of the strongest matches in the first round in the Italian League, First Division, the new season 2024-2023.

Although this confrontation is the first in the new version of Calcio, fans of the two teams are waiting for a fiery start from their team. In order to compensate for last season, which witnessed a significant decline in the ranking table.

The date of the Juventus match against Udinese in the Italian League, First Division 2024-2023

It is worth noting that the Juventus match against Udinese will be one of the matches in the first round of the Italian League, First Division 2024-2023, which will be held in the activities of the second day, which is Sunday, August 20, 2023.

The start of the match will sound at 19:45 GMT.

Juventus preparations for the new season of Serie A 2024-2023

Although all teams were keen to play many friendly matches in the preparation period for the new football season, the Juventus team was satisfied with playing one friendly match before the start of the Italian League, First Division 2023-2024.

Juventus did not succeed in achieving victory in this confrontation, after falling into the trap of a goalless draw against Atlanta.

It is worth noting that the old lady has shattered the hopes of the fans who supported her during the last season. After the team came in seventh place in the competition standings table.

Channels broadcasting the Juventus and Udinese match today directly

You can watch the two teams' match today live on AD Sports 1HD Premium.

What is the history of the confrontations between Juventus and Udinese before today’s confrontation, Sunday 8-20-2023?

It is noteworthy that the next confrontation between the old lady and Udinese will be the 72nd in the history of the two teams. Where they had previously met in 71 meetings.

During these meetings, the old lady prevailed, having won 48 full confrontations. While his opponent could only win in 10 confrontations only, and the draw was the master of the situation in 13 other matches.

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