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 Fans and followers of spherical fun and excitement everywhere are looking forward to it. The start of the next Real Madrid match against Celta Vigo. that; Within the third round confrontations; From the age of the new version of the Spanish League Championship; Season 2023/2024.

Each team is looking for how to strengthen its position in the table; Three new points. especially; The royal team, which wants to achieve its third successive victory; After he won my meeting the first and second week.

The date of the Real Madrid match against Celta Vigo in the Spanish League 2023/2024

Balaidos Stadium is getting ready; To host the fiery match, in which Real Madrid's first football team will be a heavy guest on rivals Celta Vigo. that; Within the third round competitions; From the age of the Spanish League competition; Season 2023/2024.

The events of this confrontation are scheduled to start on Friday evening, August 25, 2023, at 20:30 GMT.

The position of the two teams in the table before the start of this confrontation

Real succeeded in occupying the top of the table; After the end of the first and second round matches. in which he managed to win over both Athletic Bilbao; With a score of two clean goals without a response, and Almeria; Three goals against one goal.

He is currently looking for how to reach the ninth point in his football career this season. To be at the top of the table.

It is worth noting that he succeeded in beating both Rayo Vallecano and Valencia. by the number of goals; After being equal to them in the number of points.

On the other hand, Celta Vigo failed to win any match, and contented itself with obtaining a difficult point. through a single draw in the second round against Real Sociedad; With a score of one goal for each team.

And he had been defeated in the opening of his football career this season against Osasuna; With a score of two clean goals without a response. It is currently at 16th in the table.

The history of the two teams' previous confrontations in various tournaments

On the historical level; The two teams have met each other before in many previous confrontations in various tournaments. Which amounted to 82 full matches.

These matches witnessed a sweeping superiority; In favor of Real Madrid, who managed to beat their rivals in 51 matches.

At the same time; He did not taste defeat. Except in only 18 matches, and the negative and positive tie decided the result of 13 other matches.

The result of the last confrontation that brought the two teams together

The royal team was able to achieve victory in the last confrontation in which it met its rivals in the league championship. and finished; With a score of two clean goals without a response in his favour.

Channels broadcasting the Real Madrid and Celta Vigo match today, directly

You can watch the two teams' match today live on beIN Sports 1HD.


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