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In this article, our website shows you what channels broadcast the Al-Hilal and Abha match today directly, in the match that brings them together in the first week of the Saudi League championship for the new season 2023-2024, and what is the date of the match.

Where the stadium of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Sports City is adorned to host a highly anticipated meeting from many, when the Al Hilal team hosts its counterpart, the Abha team, today.

Al-Zaeem aspires to reconcile his fans and achieve victory today, and there is no alternative to him, after losing the 2023 Arab Championship title last Saturday at the hands of the Saudi Al-Nasr team.

Now, we will get acquainted with the date and channels of the Al-Hilal and Abha match today, and the expected formation of the two teams.

When is the date for the Al-Hilal and Abha match in the first round of the Saudi League 2023-2024?

And our date comes with the Abha match against Al-Hilal in the first week of the Saudi Roshan League Championship, which is today, Monday, August 14, 2023.

As for the timing of the Al-Hilal and Abha match today, the referee will blow his whistle for the start of the match at 18:00 Saudi time, i.e. at 16:00 GMT.

What are the channels broadcasting the Al-Hilal and Abha match today, broadcast live in the Saudi Roshan League 2024?

You can watch the two teams' match today live on SSC 1 Extra or on our FC Live Stream.

إعلان اسفل المقال

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