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The English club Manchester City, the European Champions League holders, will meet in a friendly preparatory meeting with its Spanish counterpart, Atletico Madrid, today, on the sidelines of preparations and qualification for the new season 2023-2024, which will be hosted by the Seoul World Cup stadium in South Korea today, Sunday, July 30, 2023. .

Below we will show you the date and details of the Manchester City match against Atletico Madrid today, the friendly.

The date of the Manchester City match against Atletico Madrid in a friendly match

Manchester City is seeking to play the match in preparation for the Charity Shield Cup final match against Arsenal on Sunday, August 6, as the Spanish coach Pep Guardiola’s battalion wants to start the new season with a title added to the club’s coffers, but it will be a very difficult match against the stubborn Arsenal, and the most prominent Man City deals in Mercato The current summer is the recruitment of Croatian Mateo Kovacic from Chelsea.

The Manchester City and Atletico Madrid match will start today at 12:00 am GMT.

Channels broadcasting the Atletico Madrid and Manchester City match today

You can watch the two teams' match today live on the official Manchester City channel, the official Atletico Madrid channel, or on our FC Live website.

It is worth noting that Manchester City will open the English Premier League championship for the new season with an important match against Burnley on August 12, while the Atletico Madrid season will officially start in the opening round of the Spanish League championship on August 14, with a match against Granada.

إعلان اسفل المقال

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