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 The English team Liverpool, led by its coach, "Juergen Klopp", is preparing to meet the English team, Leicester City, in a highly anticipated friendly match from all fans and fans of the Reds around the world, as the two teams face off today, Sunday, July 29, 2023 at the Singapore Stadium during the preparatory season for clubs in preparation for For the new season 2023-2024,

Below we will show you the date and details of the friendly match between Liverpool and Leicester City today.

The date of the Liverpool match against Leicester City in a friendly match

Liverpool enters its third friendly match in the preparatory period, as it defeated Karlsruher in its first friendly match, 4-2, and then tied with the Grueter Fort team, 4-4, in light of the great brilliance of the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, and the Reds want to continue gaining experience and qualification. Physically, the new season started strongly and the competition for the English Premier League title under the dominance of Manchester City, and Liverpool faces a new challenge in the European League Championship, which is the first candidate for it during the next season.

The Liverpool and Leicester City match will start today at 10:00

Channels broadcasting the Leicester City and Liverpool match today

While the Leicester City team, which declined a lot last season, which led to its relegation to the Championship League, wants to achieve promotion in the next season and quickly return to the Senior League, and it is already one of the adults, as it achieved the Premier League title in 2014.

And you can watch the Liverpool and Leicester City match today, directly and exclusively, on the official Liverpool FC channel screen, or on our FC Live website.

إعلان اسفل المقال

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