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The fans and fans of Barca club are waiting for their next match in order to prepare for the league, so we will show the date of the Barcelona-Juventus friendly match and its broadcast channels.

The date of the Barcelona and Juventus match in a friendly match

Today, Sunday, the twenty-third of July, a match will be held between the Spanish club Barcelona against its Italian counterpart, Juventus.

The kick-off whistle will sound at 3:30 GMT.

Barcelona's roster for America's camp

Xavi, coach of the first team of FC Barcelona, stated about the team's list for friendly matches, in which each of the following is present:

Jaffe, Stegen, Arajo, Mika Faye, Dembele, Garrido, Pedri, Vali, Lewandowski, Lopez, Fati, Yamal, Torres.

While there are also: Pina / Casado / Christensen / Astralaga / Alonso / Romeo / Casey / Martinez / Roberto / Gundogan / De Young / Lenglet / Rafinha / Abdel Samad Al Zalzouli / Conde / Dust / Eric / Julian Arajo / Baldi.

List of Juventus touring USA

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri announced the list of the team participating in the United States of America tour matches, in which there are:

In the goalkeeper there are: Davara / Pensgulio / Pirin / Chesney.

While in the line of defense there are: Alex Sandro / Premiere / Danilo / De Winter / Gatti / Hugsen / Rugani / Cambiasso.

In the midfield: Weah/Rovella/Pogba/Nongi/Caviglia/Meriti/Makini/Locatelli/Kostic/Fagioli/Branenka.

Finally, he is present in the offensive line: Yildiz / Vlahovic / Sulli / Milik / Junior / Kane / Keiza.

Channels broadcasting the Barcelona and Juventus match today

The friendly match between Barcelona and Juventus will be broadcast today on our FC Live website.

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