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The Argentine national team, the world champion, crowned with the Qatar World Cup 2022, is preparing to play an important and strongly anticipated friendly match today, Thursday, June 15, 2023, when it meets its counterpart, the Australian national team, in China, specifically in the capital, Beijing. Almost 6 months in the Qatar World Cup, when they faced each other in the round of sixteen in the World Cup, in which Lionel Messi’s companions defeated the Australian kangaroo with a score of two goals to one, so that Messi and his companions completed the journey to the end, achieving the precious title for the third time in the history of Argentina, and below we will show you a date and details Argentina vs australia friendly match today.

Argentina vs australia match today

The Argentine national team will not stop at achieving the World Cup, it will try very hard to prepare well for the upcoming international events, as the 2026 World Cup qualifiers will begin next September, and there is a more important and stronger goal, which is the 2024 Copa America, and therefore the Argentine national team will enter under the leadership of its coach, "Lionel Scaloni". Today's match against Australia with strength and his eye on winning, he will try to involve more players and give them the opportunity, in order to reach the largest number of players who are physically and technically ready for the upcoming matches.

The Argentina-Australia match will start today at 13:00 GMT.

Australia vs argentina match today

On the other hand, the Australian national team will enter with strength and its eye on victory, and it will make a big noise if it beats the world champion, and also avenge the loss and defeat in the World Cup.

You will watch the Australia-Argentina match today, directly and exclusively, on SSC Sports 1SD/HD.

إعلان اسفل المقال

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