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In the meeting to escape from the last place in the Premier League standings table, Southampton’s meeting will be with Brentford, which will come within the postponed seventh round competitions of the English Premier League.

And Southampton, the owner of the land, is in the next meeting in the last place in the general standings of the championship, as it occupies the twentieth place with 22 points, while Brentford precedes it in many places, as it settles in the ninth place with 38 points.

This match is of utmost importance to Southampton, as is the case in its upcoming matches until the end of the current season 2022-2023.

The South wants to win in any way in the next Brentford match, so that it can regain its balance again and move away, even a little from the back of the standings, as the last three places witness a strong competition to escape from between Bournemouth, Leeds United and Southampton.

As for the other side in the confrontation, the Brentford team, it enters this match with a different ambition than its competitor, as the submerged team seeks to be able to achieve victory, which may fuel its ambition to reach one of the qualifying centers for a European competition next season.

The date of the Southampton and Brentford match in the English Premier League

The South match with Brentford will start this evening, Wednesday, March 15, 2023.

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