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In order to try to break the negative results achieved recently, Real Madrid will play its match in the new week of the Spanish League against Espanyol.

Where Real Madrid will receive at the “Santiago Bernabeu” stadium, its opponent coming from the Catalan province, in order to try to achieve a victory that it missed in the last round, and also in order to maintain the opportunity to compete at the top of the La Liga table after Barcelona took it away.

Real Madrid had tied negatively in the last match at the “Beito Villamarin” stadium of Real Betis, making Real Madrid’s balance 53 points in second place in the La Liga table, moving away from its rival Barcelona by 11 points, to shrink with time the chance to compete with Real Madrid for the title.

While Espanyol will play this match in his desire to get out of the late positions that he has been hovering around during the recent period.

Espanyol suffered many defeats this season, the last of which was against Real Valladolid in the last round, with a score of 2-1, to freeze Espanyol's balance at 27 points, bringing it to thirteenth place in the general standings.

The date of the Real Madrid and Espanyol match in the Spanish League

The date of the Spanish champion’s match with its rival, Espanyol, will be today, Saturday, March 3, 2023, provided that the match begins at exactly three o’clock in the evening in Egypt, Sudan and Libya, four in the evening in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iraq, five in the evening in the Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman.

Channels broadcasting the Real Madrid and Espanyol match in the Spanish League

The events of the Real Madrid and Espanyol match will be broadcast live in the Middle East and North Africa region through the “BN Sports 1” channel, and it can also be followed through the “BN Sports Connect” mobile application.

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