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 Fans and followers of the round witch will be everywhere at the start of the next Paris Saint-Germain and Rennes match. that; Within the confrontations of the twenty-eighth round; from the age of the French Premier League championship; Season 2022/2023.

Each team is looking for how to strengthen its position in the table; Three new points. especially; The Red and Black team, who hope to regain their known level again. and compensate for the points lost in the previous two rounds.

The date of the Paris Saint-Germain and Rennes match in the French League 2022/2023

The Parc des Princes reopens its doors; In order to host the upcoming and fiery match, which will bring together the football team of Paris Saint-Germain and the first football team of Rennes.

The two teams will meet today, Sunday, March 19, 2023, at 16:05 GMT.

The Parisian team enters this confrontation, and it is at the top of the table; with 66 points; After playing 27 matches. He succeeded in achieving victory in 21 matches, losing in three matches, and drawing in three others.

And he is looking for how to take the lead once and for all; By reaching the 69th point. Hence; raise the difference between him and his closest competitors; Marseille to 13 full points.

On the other hand, the Ren team hopes to win this confrontation as well. After winning the first leg.

And he had managed to be on the fifth place; With 47 points. And he is looking for how to compensate for the defeat and the draw that befell them in the previous two matches.

إعلان اسفل المقال

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