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In the postponed eighth week meeting of the English Premier League for the current season 2022-2023, Brighton will meet Crystal Palace in the first stronghold and among its fans.

It is decided that the "Falmer" stadium will be the scene of that confrontation, the outcome of which will be more important for the owners of the land than for their guest.

Brighton was able to provide great performance and good results since the beginning of the season with its former coach, Graham Potter, which made them compete with the leading teams in the championship, but he left before completing his mission with them, and headed towards training Chelsea.

Then Brighton continued this performance for a period with the current coach, "Roberto De Zerbi", marred by some decline in the results, so that the team is currently settling in seventh place in the English Premier League table after scoring 39 points, and only a few more points separate it from qualifying for one of the major European tournaments. .

As for the Crystal Palace Eagles, they always play on the desired goal for them, which is to stay in the Premier League, and so far they have already succeeded in that with a large guarantee of their survival in the English Championship, under the leadership of their coach, the former legend, "Patrick Vieira".

Crystal Palace has collected 27 points so far, but it still wants more points, especially since the difference between it and eighteenth place is only three points.

The date of the Brighton and Crystal Palace match in the English Premier League

The postponed Brighton match with Crystal Palace will be on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, and its start date has been set at 9:30 pm Egypt and Sudan time, 10:30 pm Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar time, 11:30 pm UAE and Oman time.

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