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إعلان اعلي المقال

 Al-Nasr club, led by its coach Rudi Garcia, will meet its counterpart, Abha, in a match for the second time in a row that brought them together within 4 days. The first time was in the quarter-finals of the King’s Cup last Tuesday, and it ended with a big victory for Al-Nasr over Abha with a score of 3-1, and the next match is Saturday in The Saudi League championship, specifically in the twenty-first week.

Before the match, Al-Nasr is currently ranked second in the Saudi League ranking ladder, with 46 points, as the team has so far played 20 matches and achieved “14 wins - 4 draws - two defeats”, but the Abha team comes in twelfth place with 23 points.

The date of the Al-Nasr and Abha match in the Saudi Roshan League 2023

The date of the Al-Nasr and Abha match is on Saturday, March 18, 2023.

The expected victory formation against Abha

The formation of victory in front of Abha is expected, by a large percentage, to be as follows:

  • Goalkeeper: Nawaf Al-Aqidi
  • Defense line: Sultan Al-Ghanam - Abdul-Ilah Al-Omari - Abdullah Mado - Jislan Konan
  • In the middle of the field: Abdullah Al-Khaibri - Luiz Gustavo
  • Midfield in front of: Abd al-Rahman al-Naji - Anderson Talisca - Jalaluddin Masharipov
  • Offensive: Cristiano Ronaldo

إعلان اسفل المقال

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